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Himbo-Top Raspberry
Himbo-Top Raspberry

Breeder's Description


Mid-Season, Large Fruited, High Yield

Head Licence and UK Marketing Rights held by MEIOSIS
Bred by Peter Hauenstein
Owned and internationally distributed by
PROMO-FRUIT Ltd Switzerland
EU PVR Grant No 13008

Himbo-Top® is a registered trademark of Promo-Fruit Ltd under which Promo-Fruit Ltd promotes, markets and licences plants and fruits of the raspberry variety ‘Rafzaqu’.

Fruit Quality

Extremely large fruit in comparison with other primocane varieties (6 – 8g).  The fruit is firm, bright light red and does not darken.  The berries are easy to pick.


Harvesting commences in the lower region of Switzerland around the first week in August, approximately 6 to 8 days after Autumn Bliss.  The picking period for ‘Rafzaqu’ lasts between 6 and 8 weeks, under tunnels until the end of October.

Plant Characteristics

Canes are very strong growing. Due to the heavy cropping potential, the variety needs support.  Recommended planting distances are 40 to 50 cm between plants and 250 to 300cm between rows.  Due to the vigour of the plant, growers should be cautious with their feeding regime.

Disease Resistance

Similar resistance to raspberry root rot  (Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi) as Autumn Bliss.

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