Čačanska Bestrna

  • Season: Mid-early season ripening
  • Main characteristic/s: Large berries, highly tolerant to low winter temperatures
  • Breeder: Dr M Stanisavljević
Characteristics of Čačanska Bestrna
  • Very large fruit size (average 9.3g)
  • Very sweet, aromatic berries
  • High fruit yields
  • Good disease resistance
  • Highly tolerant to low winter temperatures
Cropping Season
Mid early season ripening period.

Fruit Quality
The berries are very large, averaging 9.3 g (individual reaching 15.4 g). They are shiny black, firm, long, cylindrical; very sweet and aromatic, easily separating from the strig when fully ripe. The average number of drupelets is 89.

Fruit Yield
The yields are high compared to cultivars Black Satin, Thornfree and Dirksen Thornless. Under favourable growing conditions, the number of quality fruits exceeds 20 tonnes per hectare.

Plant Characteristics
Čačanska Bestrna is highly vigorous and vital, producing 4-5 thornless canes with short internodes. Fruiting branches are distributed along the cane. The flowers on fruiting branches are rather concentrated, thus the harvest is facilitated. The canes are highly tolerant to low winter temperatures.

Disease Resistance
Čačanska Bestrna is tolerant to major blackberry disease Kuehneola uredinis (Link) Arthur. It is highly resistant to other blackberry pathogens and pests.

Use of the Variety
Berries are suitable for fresh use, freezing and processing. Transportability is excellent.

Plant Supply
Čačanska Bestrna is a non-protected variety. Čačanska Bestrna plants are supplied by the following licensed propagators:

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Trial Results
Yield and fruit quality of Čačanska Bestrna compared to other cultivars in trials in Serbia (1989 - 1997)