Malling™ Allure

  • Season: Late season
  • Main characteristic/s: High % class 1 fruit
  • Breeder: NIAB EMR, UK
Characteristics of Malling™ Allure
  • Late season June-bearer
  • Large fruit size
  • Excellent fruit quality
  • Good Class 1 yield
Cropping Season
Malling™ Allure has a late season, fruiting typically 10-12 days later than Elsanta in the UK.

Fruit Quality
Malling™ Allure has excellent fruit quality characteristics similar to Malling™ Centenary. Brix levels over a 3-year period averaged 8.7 compared to Elsanta at 7.5 in EMSBC trials. The berries have a pleasing orange-red colour, lighter than Elsanta with excellent firmness superior to Elsanta. Shelf life is good.

Fruit Yield
With an average main crop yield of 990g per plant in misted tip, protected soil trails at NIAB-EMR, Malling™ Allure has excellent yield potential. Fruit size is large, averaging 68% of berries >35mm with a high percentage class 1 averaging 91% in EMSBC grower trials.

Plant Characteristics
Malling™ Allure is a robust, vigorous plant with an upright habit. The fruit is well presented to the picker.

Disease Resistance
Malling™ Allure has moderate susceptibility to crown rot (Phytothphora cactorum) and wilt (Verticillium dahliae) and shows intermediate resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis) in comparison to Elsanta.

Plant Supply
EU PVR Application No 2017/3250; Morocco PBR Application No 815/18. The propagation and sale of plants, or parts of plants, of Malling™ Allure without a licence is prohibited. Only Propagation Licence holders can propagate and receive propagation grade material (and not Sales or Growing-on Transformation Licence holders). Malling™ Allure is available from the following licensed propagators:

Propagation Licence Holders

  • Country
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  • Website
  • Telephone
  • UK
  • Blaise Plants Ltd
  • Visit website
  • +44 01622 812229
  • None available

Sales Licence Holders

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  • Website
  • Telephone

Growing-on / Transformation Licence Holders

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