Malling™ Centenary

  • Season: Mid-early season
  • Main characteristic/s: Exceptional fruit quality
  • Breeder: NIAB_EMR, UK
Characteristics of Malling™ Centenary
  • Early-mid season, fruiting typically four days ahead of Elsanta in the UK
  • Large berry size (60-65% >35mm) allows a rapid harvest
  • High % Class 1
  • High quality fruit with low waste result in reduced picking costs
  • Sweet flavour, juicy texture with good brix levels
  • Good skin & flesh firmness, berries gloss maintained post storage
Cropping Season
Malling™ Centenary has a mid-early season, fruiting typically 4-days ahead of Elsanta in the UK.

Fruit Quality
Fruit quality is judged to be excellent. Berries have an attractive glossy appearance with a regular conical shape and orange/red skin colour. Flavour is sweet with a juicy texture and good brix levels. The firm skin and flesh give a good shelf life with skin gloss maintained post storage.

Fruit Yield
Class 1 yields (>25mm) are moderate to high (0.6 – 1.0 kg per plant) combined with a high percentage of Class 1 fruit, typically >90%. Malling™ Centenary typically produces 60-65% large (>35mm) berries which in trials has been shown to be significantly higher than for Elsanta which averaged 43% large fruit. These traits, combined with its upright plant habit and good fruit display allows for rapid harvesting and reduced picking costs.

Plant & Disease Characteristics
Plants have an upright habit with large leaves and fruit very well displayed allowing rapid harvesting. Malling™ Centenary has a similar level of susceptibility to crown rot (Phytothphora cactorum) and powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis) compared to Elsanta and Sonata, growers should take preventative measures for these diseases as necessary.

Plant Supply
Malling™ Centenary is protected under Community (EU) Plant Variety Rights (grant no. 40671). The propagation or sale of plants, or parts of plants, of Malling™ Centenary without a licence is prohibited. Malling™ Centenary is available from the following licensed propagators:

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