• Season: Early/Mid-Season
  • Main characteristic/s: Floricane, large, firm berries
  • Breeder: Promo-Fruit Ltd, Switzerland
Characteristics of TulaMagic®
  • High fruit yields
  • Large berry size
  • Very firm berries
  • Delicious flavour
  • Low susceptibility to cane disease
Cropping Season
TulaMagic® starts cropping 10-15 days earlier than Tulameen. Duration of harvest is about 4 weeks. Under mild climatic conditions and under tunnels, current season’s canes can produce fruit in the autumn.

Fruit Quality
TulaMagic® produces very firm berries which are easily transportable with a good shelf life. Berries have an attractive light red colour, which does not darken after picking and a delicious, intense raspberry aroma with a high sugar content. The berries release easily from the receptacle thus allowing efficient picking.

Fruit Yield
High fruit yields can be achieved due to a high percentage of buds developing into laterals. TulaMagic® can produce an additional crop in the autumn under suitable growing conditions. TulaMagic® is suited to fresh consumption.

Plant Characteristics
TulaMagic® produces vigorous year-old canes with sparse spines reaching a height of 2.0m. With progressing age of plantations there is still sufficient cane formation. Bud break in the spring is regular and complete. Due to its strong root system TulaMagic® requires less fertilizer, especially nitrogen, than other varieties.

Disease Resistance
TulaMagic® has an extensive and dense root system, and evidence suggests a low susceptibility to root rot (Phytophthora fragariae var. rubi). Experience to date shows that canes rarely split and have a low susceptibility to cane diseases.

Plant Supply
TulaMagic® is the registered trademark of Promo-Fruit Ltd under which Promo-Fruit promotes, markets and licences plants and fruit of the raspberry variety ‘Fruatfri’. The propagation and sale of plants, or parts of plants, of TulaMagic® without a propagation licence is prohibited. TulaMagic® is available from the following licenced propagators: