• Season: Very early cropping
  • Main characteristic/s: Very high fruit yields, Large fruit size
  • Breeder: Peter Hauenstein, Switzerland
Characteristics of Xenia®
  • Very early season
  • Very high fruit yields
  • Large fruit size
  • Mildew tolerant
Cropping Season
Very early season cropping.

Fruit Quality
Xenia® fruit have an attractive red colour, are fairly round with few hairs. The fruit is as large as Red Triumph and Winham’s Industry, averaging 14g.

Fruit Yield
Plants of Xenia® have a very high yield potential.

Plant Characteristics
Plants are strong growing, with an upright or slightly drooping growth. The upper half of the plants have thorns, otherwise mostly single, weak thorns.

Disease Resistance
Cropping plants are only slightly susceptible to powdery mildew, but non-cropping plants should be treated with a spray programme like other varieties. It is necessary to be careful with fertiliser applications, especially nitrogen, otherwise the growth is too vigorous and may lead to problems with mildew.

Use of the Variety
No other early season variety is comparable to Xenia® in terms of fruit size or growth characteristics, and this means it should be of particular interest to commercial growers. Xenia would also be suitable for both domestic and market gardens.

Plant Supply
Xenia® is the registered trademark of Promo-Fruit Ltd under which Promo-Fruit promotes, markets and licences plants and fruit of the gooseberry variety 'Rafzuera'. Rafzuera is protected under Community (EU) Plant Variety Rights (Grant No: EU 16908). The propagation and sale of plants, or parts of plants, of Xenia® without a licence is prohibited. Xenia® is available from the following licensed propagators: