Syria (NF 137)

  • Season: Mid-season
  • Main characteristic/s: Very good flavour
  • Breeder: New Fruits s.a.s.
Characteristics of Syria (NF 137)
  • Mid-season
  • Good flavour
  • Tolerant to the most common strawberry diseases
Cropping Season
Mid-season variety (+6 days Alba)

Fruit Quality
Very attractive, medium-large fruit, regular conical shape, very good consistency, bright red in colour. Very good flavour with a long shelf-life. Syria tolerates handling and transport well. Syria is suitable for processing and for growing in a continental climate.

Fruit Yield
Suitable for open field cultivation for both fresh marketing and processing. Good results have been obtained in 2-year cultivation systems. Shows good tolerance to rain.

Plant Characteristics
Vigorous plant growth.

Disease Resistance
Tolerant to the most common strawberry diseases.

Use of the Variety
Syria is a robust plant, the fruits are resistant to rain damage and to diseases. Very good flavour. Syria is suitable for processing. Suitable for the continental climate.