Meet the Team

Senior Staff

Tony Vallance

Tony Vallance

Senior Technical Manager

I have worked for major berry importers and fruit marketing companies as a Technical Manager since 1998. My previous roles have included compliance management, due diligence, variety trials, and working with plant breeders and growers to introduce improved new varieties to the market. I joined Meiosis in May 2017 as Senior Technical Manager with overall responsibility for the technical function in Meiosis and the Nuclear Stock Association.

Technical and NSA Team

Dr David Taylor

Dr David Taylor

Technical Consultant

I provide technical support to the Chief Executive Officer and other members of staff. Other aspects of my role include writing technical reports, variety description leaflets and promotional literature, preparation of, reviewing and editing licence documents. Compiling and arranging applications for Plant Variety Rights and other forms of intellectual property protection. Working with other colleagues to arrange the maintenance, propagation and supply of plant material for trials worldwide.

Monika Gronowska

Monika Gronowska

Technical Administrator

My role involves supporting the administration of the Nuclear Stock Association, including liaising with propagators, tissue culture laboratories and the high-health plant production team to facilitate the production and distribution of plant material in an accurate and timely manner. I am also responsible for the administration of the Fruit Propagation Certification Scheme and I am also assisting in the management of trials licences.

Kirsty McLeary

Kirsty McLeary

NSA Senior Technician

Kirsty joined Meiosis in 2017 and spends most of her time at the NSA high health facility in Kent. Kirsty’s responsibilities include the testing, maintenance and production of the highest health Pre-Basic stocks for supply to the soft fruit industry.

Christine Lewis

NSA Technician

Christine assists at the NSA high health facility in Kent. Christine’s specialties include pathogen testing and maintenance of the Pre-Basic stocks for supply to the soft fruit industry.


Mr Christopher Woods – Chairman

Mr Martin Collison – Director

Mr Jeremy Darby – Director

Dr Edwin Moorhouse – Director

Dr Paul Walpole – Director