Primalba (BP 1522)

  • Season: Very early season
  • Main characteristic/s: Outstanding flavour
  • Breeder: Berryplant, Italy
Characteristics of Primalba (BP 1522)
  • Very early season
  • Excellent fruit quality
  • High productivity
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Easy, quick picking
Cropping Season
In Northern Italy picking of Primalba starts 4-5 days before Polka.

Fruit Quality
Excellent quality, large, averaging 6g/berry, bright red, conical shaped fruit, with outstanding flavour.

Fruit Yield
Primalba has a high yield potential, producing up to 1.8 kg/plant for primocane crop.

Plant Characteristics
Moderately vigorous canes, with compact, upright habit. Fruit is easy to pick, even when not completely ripe.

Disease Resistance
Primalba is tolerant to the main raspberry pests and diseases.

Plant Supply
Primalba is protected under Community (EU) Plant Variety Rights Grant No. 20172350. The propagation and sale of plants, or parts of plants, of Primalba without a licence is prohibited.