Meiosis at TSW – Poland 2020

The jubilee X edition of TSW in Nadarzyn, which took place on 15-16 January 2020, was once again a memorable experience for all the participants. 391 exhibitors, including Meiosis Ltd, were kept on their toes all the time due to the large number of visitors – 10 thousand on the first day and 6 thousand on the second – record figures that surprised even the organisers.  The character of the event is turning more and more from local to international, with many visitors and exhibitors coming from neighbouring (East and West) countries but also from distant territories such as Egypt, India or Kazakhstan. The Strawberry Conference that took place on the first day attracted many fruit growers seeking especially new early and late varieties suitable for the rapidly changing climate.

Thanks to the organisers for preparing such a successful event, we do hope to meet our licensees and friends during the coming year and at next year’s edition.

Meiosis Team